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Free Shipping In Canada On Orders Over $149

Fusion X-Spider 240W 2FT LED Grow Light

Fusion X-Spider 240W 2 Foot LED Grow Light

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Product Description :

Fusion Pro X-Spider LED Grow Light is an industrial grow light system made for anyone who is serious about their growth.

Philips brand LEDs mean quality, even light distribution, and long life expectancy. These are some of the best LEDs on the market today.

What makes the Fusion PRO LED system stand out from the competition is the unmatched CRI of 90. This is one of the closest renderings to sunlight that you can get.

The unique design means that the lights are distributed around more evenly with no hot zones. Since this is a very wide fixture you can grow a larger number of plants under it. Each Strip is 2FT wide, and the unit is approximately 2FT long.

Our custom full wide spectrum (380nm to 850nm) Includes UV and IR wavelengths. This means you get an extremely versatile grow light that is ideal for every stage of growth. From seeding to flowering you have it all in one complete system.