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Free Shipping In Canada On Orders Over $149

4FT T5-Xtreme LED Grow Light 336 Watt

4FT T5-Xtreme LED Grow Light 336 Watt (7x48W unit)

cETL Approved Unit

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Product Description :

4FT T5-Xtreme LED Grow Light, 7 Light Unit. Each unit is 48 Watts and you can choose whatever lighting combination that you need. Use it as a Full Spectrum LED or make your own Super Veg or Super Bloom LED unit. Easily configurable and modular. This is one of the most versatile lights on the market. 


About the system:

  • 1200mm x 500mm in size (approx 4ft x 1.6ft)
  • Long Life Span of 50,000 working hours
  • cETL Certified for use in Canada
  • Vibration and impact resistant.
  • Contains no dangerous chemicals or emissions.
  • More Durable than fluorescent lighting fixtures
  • Power: 48 Watts per unit ( 7 x 48W =  336W)
  • Power Factor 0.95
  • Luminous Flux 4500lm (per light) ( 7 x 4500) = 31,500lm for all 7 lights
  • Luminous Intensity 
  • 80µmol/m2/s2  (12inch height from plants) per light
  • Full Spectrum 7:2 (Red: Blue) (or Dual Spectrum 6500K / 2700K) Light grows every type of plant (Has a similar spectrum of real sunlight)
  • 110/120V standard outlet.  Just plug in the unit (no special wiring needed). Requires two power plugs (1 plug for every 4 units plugged in).
  • Note: the maximum daisy-chainable units is 4 so to run all 7 units it would require two power plugs. 

color choice




Red Blue Spectrum 7:2 6500K / 2700k Dual Spectrum


6500K Spectrum 2700K Spectrum


Bloom Spectrum  Vegetative Spectrum

2:1:2:1:2 (640nm:640nm 6500K
660nm:660nm 2700K 730nm:730nm)



Our Full Spectrum T5 light is as close to sunlight as possible. This allows you to grow any plant from seed to harvest under a single light. Ideal for leafy greens and vegetative growing while allowing you to fruit and flower as well.


T5 fixtures are fast becoming the preferred lighting systems for many plant growers. They are bright enough to grow ALL types of plants. They are very versatile and can be used as seed starters/propagation lighting and as a full term light taking your plants from beginning to end. Safe and cool, these lights do not have a hot, single blinding point of light like H.I.D. lights and are safely used in schools or other environments where H.I.D.’s are undesirable.

T5 fixtures can also supplement existing H.I.D. systems providing the needed light spectrum that the H.I.D. bulbs lack. Examples are to add "cool" blue spectrum T5 light to gardens using High-Pressure Sodium’s orange/red spectrum or add "warm" red spectrum T5 light to supplement Metal Halide’s blue/white spectrum. You may also choose to use T5 lights as side lighting for your plants to help them fill out better underneath their top canopy.



In conclusion:

T5 LEDS are much more efficient than their older T12 and fluorescent counterparts and Metal Halide producing considerably more light output per energy used.

T5 LEDS Bulbs stay brighter longer than Metal Halide all other fluorescent bulbs.

T5 LEDS have a much larger light source and run cooler compared to Metal Halide and High-Pressure Sodium Bulbs.

T5 LEDS can achieve very high light intensity levels and can be placed very close to the plants.

T5 LEDS give growers the best control over what light spectrum they wish to use for their plant's specific stage of growth.

T5 LEDS are the next generation in grow light technology!

WARRANTY: This fixture comes with a 1-year warranty on the led tube